Darna Magazine Sep-issue

MARHABA and welcome to the 2nd issue of Darna Magazine, the e-magazine and home for Middle Eastern cuisine. We couldn’t be more excited to be here today and we have all of you, our readers and followers to thank for it. We were overwhelmed with your wonderful reaction and interaction with the first issue, Ramadan issue, released in June 2015. Your comments, questions and encouragement are the beacon that drives us to do m ore and become better as we head forward.

When the three of us decided to work on an on-line magazine, we had a very dear goal in mind which is to preserve our Middle Eastern heritage through food, handicrafts and more. As we started working on the 2nd issue, another goal came to mind which is to focus on the beauty of our Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine, to present it in the most artistic way we can, and not to shy away from tweaking and adding a modern twist to it, making it suitable for all; different backgrounds and generations.
Having said that, we are pleased to present you with the 2nd issue of Darna, the rich issue with three pillars of focus; back to school, Eid Adha and autumn. It was not easy to juggle all these very intense themes in one issue as each one can be an issue in and of itself. However, we are hoping that as you browse through Darna pages, you will find the inspiration for back
to school ideas including sandwiches, snacks and more; the beauty of Eid Adha crafts and recipes, and the warmth of all what autumn has to offer.
We do hope you enjoy this issue as much as you enjoyed Ramadan’s one and are very much looking forward to your interaction, comments, questions, stories and suggestions … so please keep them coming.
We thank you for being our readers and supporters along the way forward.
Darna’s team

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