About Darna

Sparked by the passion and expertise of the chefs behind it, DARNA magazine aims to bring its readers a spoonful of Middle Eastern Cuisine, crafts and stories woven in one package to give you the best of the Middle East; A true taste of thousands of years of tradition and heritage.

The story behind DARNA is so simple and spontaneous. Three passionate chefs, bloggers, food photographers and friends came together and met in one place they called DARNA “Our home” though in reality they live thousands of miles apart. Their passion to preserve Middle Eastern heritage, to put a modern twist on its ancientness and to present its beauty and richness to the world was truly the drive behind the formation of DARNA.

While DARNA the magazine is a quarterly celebration, DARNA, the blog, will be the daily dynamic interaction with all DARNA’s readers. Here we will share DARNA’s recipes, more stories and of course your questions, experiences and suggestions.

We hope you enjoy your stay at…DARNA!!!



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