Darna’s Chefs



Nisreen M. Shawwa


I am Nisreen; A MAMA, Blessed with three little cute crazy monsters, who inspire me on daily basis. Food, photography and styling are three things that I’m madly passionate about! I enjoy serving good quality food enriching my kids’ senses, for senses are memories! And because food is actually a key component of every nation culture, my colleagues & I felt responsible for being part of reserving and documenting this culture, and presenting it in a way that blends with today’s world. I hope you enjoy Vineyard, for it’s a work of love 🙂


Manal Obieda


Marhaba!! My name is Manal; an obsessed lady who loves anything, and I mean anything, related to food and homemaking. I recall the start of this obsession by the age of 15 and here I am now; a lucky woman who gets to do what she loves to do. I quit my official paying job to start “Manal’s Bites”…where everything is made with love. Today, Manal’s Bites is a multi-functional business where I do catering, give cooking classes, food styling and photography, blogging and as of today a proud partner in our beloved “Darna”. So now I don’t only get to do what I love to do but also with people whom I love working with… Now how lucky is that!!!
Darna; the Arabic word for “Our Home” has literally brought Nisreen, Sawsan and myself together despite the actual distance between us… Just like a HOME would do! Darna is a piece of our lives in this part of the world that we want to share with our readers, to welcome them to a warm and cozy space where Arabic cuisine, traditions, crafts,  authenticity and modernity come together in one melting pot. So welcome to our HOME… Welcome to “DARNA”!


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